Our parent Company, Lawes Coal Company's subsidiary, Lawes Environmental Services provides existing tank removals. Lawes Environmental Services will surveys the property for equipment access and provide

* A proposal will be sent to the homeowner. The homeowner signs the proposal and sends a deposit.
* Lawes will obtain the necessary local permits. This process may take several weeks and varies from town to town.
* If necessary, a new tank should be installed prior to tank removal.
* Lawes will arrange for markouts of the public utilities. The owner should arrange markouts of any private underground utilities
* Lawes will unearth, clean and remove the tank from the ground.
* The local inspector will be contacted and will review the integrity of the tank and possible contamination.
* Upon approval, Lawes will backfill to grade**
* The tank will be taken for scrap metal recycling.
* Lawes will issue a 'Certificate of Completion.'
* Lawes will provide topsoil and seed if needed

**If the tank has leaked, the DEP Spill Hotline is contacted. The excavation should be backfilled and the tank left on-site. This is done so that the homeowner's insurance company can inspect it. Lawes will return to remove the tank after the insurance company approves it's removal, at no additional charge.

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